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How The Answer To My Facial Problems Was Just One Email Away.

So I’m a Brand Ambassador, for those of you that don’t know it’s pretty much a collaboration. I will use/ wear a companies product to promote it, this includes a personalised promotion code.

I applied for Swiss Clinic and they accepted.

The first product I choice to try was the Skin Roller & Sanitiser Spray. It’s safe to say I have fell in love.

I’ve done a blog entry on here about how awful my skin has been and the embarrassment of it as it’s on my face.

I can shout out with joy and say .. my face is now clear !!

I’ve only used the skin roller now for two weeks. One week then a months break followed by another week.

Now at the end of the month I had two, just two little patches that started to get dry again , not bad, not my skin condition just a normal dry patch. I’m absolutely over the moon ! Honestly other than that not any problems what so ever. I can’t even get over it myself I keep rubbing my face is disbelief. Waiting to wake up and it all be horrendous again thinking it’s too good too be true. But it is true and oh wow yes it’s certainly an incredible find !!

Sorry about the blur on the most recent. But you can see my skin is clear without any patches or problems what so ever.

And just to think, I would of never come across this product myself, and if I had never been emailed asking to become a brand ambassador just a mire two weeks before getting signed to Swiss Clinic then I never would have been given the gift of clear skin again. Oh how the universe works in mysterious ways eh.

So The Skin Roller comes in two different sizes, the 0.02 mm which I chose and the 0.05. They do also have one for the body ;

Firstly you just simply rinse your face and dab it dry, then you get to work just move the Skin Roller across your face in different directions for several minutes. Then you can buy a serum for Afterwards from Swiss Clinic to go with it for maximum results. In my case I have used Estée Lauder advanced night repair. To clean you just simply get the sanitiser spray and give it a squirt which smells really nice and is super easy to use and it’s a nice pen shape. Then put it back in its case which is super convenient and cute also.

Now I wanted to really put the product to the test and try out different ways and methods, so I tried doing it gently, adding slight pressure and pressing down really hard.

The gently worked well for the starting few times as my skin got used to it – it doesn’t hurt whatsoever! But I thought this would be best for heeling wise rather than going straight in. However I thought maybe this would mean I would have to wait longer for results which is why I thought about experimenting. But it’s not the case gentle is fine, it’s quite nice at the last day or two to go gently actually.

Applying certain pressure I found really nice as this is when I could feel it more and knew it was really penetrating my skin, this worked really nicely on my cheeks and forehead but found it wasn’t pleasant on the areas where my skins is really bad, like near my eyes, chin and lips.

Pushing down hard. Now even though I did this for experimenting cases . I feel as though I regret it.

So I went in and gave it a good go, I found that it was very sore and by the end I had actually scratched my nose. Enough to have it there for a good week until it heeled itself. I still got the same soft, smooth healthy glowing skin I got even when I used the other strengths with it so there really wasn’t any need for this and if anything I made it too powerful for the skin.

I also tried a nice simple mixture of movements, starting slowly with simple movements then onto faster with quicker movements. While trying my hardest to completely avoid going back and forth as your suppose to go in different directions. I found that if anything the faster I went with the different movements changing them up so much almost tore my skin made it sore, it was pulled and cause a bigger pinch. But again there was no difference in outcome so just take your time and enjoy rolling it back and forth and side to side. At the end of the day it’s a beauty treatment that you would spent a lot of money at the spa for so enjoy It !

So results, I’m talking smoother, softer and definitely more tight and firm skin. One of the biggest notices short term was the brightness of my face I felt and looked like I was literally glowing it was absolutely amazing. It’s definitely done a lot more for me than any face mask ever has and it’s safe to say I’m sticking to this now. I feel like I’ve finally found the perfect beauty product. Obviously I’ll still use other things for fun and curiosity, other benefits but this is the product that I’ve been waiting for. Now it’s time for all the fun of seeing how long it can last. Considering it’s made for skin lines and marks and ageing I’ve certainly sure I’m not going to have anything to worry about.

You Can Get Your Skin Roller Here Swiss Clinic

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Thank you for reading & yes I would highly recommend this product it’s got to be my favourite yet.

Miss Lawless xx