Becoming A Parent

Sorry Its Late ! … But As You Probably Know If You Are Reading This, Life Has Been Extremely Hard & Hectic At The Moment.

There’s a well known saying “your life doesn’t really begin until you have children “

If you aren’t a parent you don’t get this, as people without children can still have such incredible and successful lives so let me explain.

When you become a mummy or a daddy your whole life is spun & turned completely upside down and it will never be the same again. It wasn’t that you didn’t have a life before it’s the fact that it won’t be the same again, it’s that everything that was important to you before doesn’t seem quite so important anymore. Things you never gave a second thought to before all of a sudden start to matter more.

Even decisions you’ve made all your life ;

Which foods you like and dislike

What kind of clothes you like to wear and in which style

What kind of people you want to be around

What kind of person you are

What films you enjoy

What lifestyle you live

Your life now isn’t your own. It’s your family’s. Your babies are THE ( well should be) THE most important things. They come first and it’s about giving them the best possible life, it’s about raising them, looking after them, doing absolutely everything for them to your best abilities. Your life is now complete. Your life as a parent starts here, you have the most precious gift, what’s about to come will make you love like you’ve never felt, never heard or understood before. It will make you feel like nothing you could even describe. It will teach you what happiness really means.

At the same time before you have you’re baby you have to do the utter most incredible thing and make them.

Some girls have it easy and others don’t, it is just the way it is but all will have changes.

During pregnancy you will have cravings no matter how big or small, how weird or new. You will want to throw up at the sight and smell of once your favourite meal and you will find yourself enjoying foods you could never stand before, this doesn’t go back to normal once the baby is here.

Now I don’t know if this works in more ways than one but I for one have definitely found myself extremely more girly and softer than before, this comes across in the way I’m now looking at clothes and accessories. The way how I want to enjoy a pamper and not just because I need one.

And most of all how much I do let my babies get away with. ( I was always brilliant with children, I would be fun but fair so I never thought I would be that parent that caves). This comes to what kind of person I am as well as I’m still me, I’m the true me but I am quiet incredibly softer especially to my babies and partner, at the same time I don’t know how but there’s even more fire sat waiting for If and when I will need to defend my babies. Of course the happiness factor has blown it all out of the park.

Now coming to films that may seem weird but put it this way, when your not a parent your not going to feel the same towards a child in trouble or harm than if you were, you just can’t help it. I find that I really can’t watch films where any child gets harmed or dies or kidnapped nothing. I’m generally a wuss.

If we all know the series shooter I literally made my boyfriend wait for the next season to come out before watching the final episodes of the first one just so I wasn’t left upset over the cliffhanger ! I know I know it’s shocking!. Laugh now but I know I’m not the only one that is now extra sensitive and seems to relate everything to my babies.

Now I believe these last two can fit into one and seems to be a HUGE factor for people from what I have seen, These being your friends or what kind of people you want to be around and lifestyle.

During pregnancy and the start of when your incredible baby has arrived it’s a massive test of what people actually stay around. Which ones care enough, understand enough. Which ones are true and which were actually just using you. This seems to hit people pretty hard but after you have the ones you need. There’s no room for drama in a happy life I’m afraid.

Lifestyle is more of a main one for me personally. This will be explained properly in another post but for this I can say I’m more interested in being the very best I can be, making life the very best. Making a life good enough for my child and a life they deserve. I mean what else could be more important than your family. If you could change and make such a difference for them then why wouldn’t you.

So as you can see and may already know as much as having a baby a is a big change anyway and a permanent one there’s actually so many more factors to it. There’s sacrifices which I’ll talk about in the future, these could be easy or horrifically hard. But we do this because we love them. Looking at them just makes them worth it. Then there’s the ones that just have to happen and will happen without any control. It’s all apart of it.

At the end of the day as I’m sure every single parent will tell you it’s all 100% worth it, you would never change a thing. As much as people say how hard and life ruining it is. It seriously isn’t. It’s not as hard as people make out, it’s more just mental stress and being over tired (nothing your partner doesn’t do to you). Everyone says your not going to be a good parent or you don’t deserve a baby, don’t listen. You WILL be the best mummy or daddy. Believe in yourself! Take it from me & many many others the baby industry is so strict, but you as a parent. TRUST YOURSELF. You are right and you know your own child better than anyone else !

Enjoy every minute & don’t miss a second.

Miss Lawless xxx