My Hospital Bag CheckList ✔️


Such an exciting time ahead! I’m guessing not long now, CONGRATULATIONS.

Your hospital bag is your final bit of preparation, though don’t listen when it comes to “don’t do it till 38-40 weeks” . If you feel more comfortable having it ready then do so! I’m at 32 weeks and good to go. Of course if you don’t feel the need then there’s nothing wrong with waiting either.

 Are you nesting and calm? Enjoying the final stages before you see your greatest achievement?

Or are you panicking, organising everything and wanting the wait to be over?.

Everybody’s experience if different, each one of us is different and each of our babies will be. There is no right and wrong, just personal opinions.

It’s safe to say I’m the well over prepared one, the one who has everything possible sorted, long before needed. It makes me feel more comfortable and helps me relax. It’s not a case of waiting about for me.

Yes I’m impatient, I cant help it.

That’s also why for my first pregnancy, I ended up taking a handheld/ carry on suitcase full to the brim and bags on top of that. I sat there and thought out every single thing that could go wrong in my head and made sure I had what I needed incase it happened. Safe to say I think I made life harder for myself.

This time round I’ve downsized SO much!

It’s actually hard for me when I know how little I’m taking and it’s ( for me ) risky. But at least this time I’ve got experience on my side. So I’ve thought about what I didn’t take last time and what I took but not enough of, I thought about all the extra things I had to carry around for no reason. ( There was an awful lot of back and to trips)

And this is how I Came up with my list below; ( feel free to use)

My Hospital Check List:  


1. Baby Carrier / Car Seat ⬜️

2. 2 Blankets ⬜️

3. Snowsuit/ Pram suit. ⬜️

4. Four Sleep Suits ⬜️

5. 3 Mittens ⬜️

6. 2 Hat ⬜️

7. 2 Vets ⬜️

8. A Pair Of Socks ⬜️

9. Coming Home Outfit ⬜️

10. First Milk, Ready To Feed Boxes x2 Boxes ( Last 48 hrs). ⬜️

11. 4 Dummies ( 2 of Each Shape) ⬜️

12. Comforter ⬜️

13. 5 Muslin Squares ⬜️

14. One Packet Of Size 1 Nappies ⬜️

15. 2 Packets Of Wet Wipes ⬜️

16. Handful Of Nappy Sacks ⬜️

17. Bepanthen ( Nappy Cream) ⬜️


1. Medical Notes ⬜️

2. Phone Charger ⬜️

3. Drinks ( During & After) ⬜️

4. Snacks For Afterwards ⬜️

5. Vaseline or EOS ( Lip balm) ⬜️

6. Labour Socks ⬜️

7. Labour Outfit ⬜️

8. Hair Bobbles & Hair Gripes ⬜️

9. Hair Brush ⬜️

10. Fan ⬜️

11. 2 Packs Of Tissues ⬜️

12. Moisture Mist ( Cooling Spray) ⬜️

13. Deodorant ⬜️

14. Shampoo ⬜️

15. Hair Mask ⬜️

16. Body Lufra & hibiscus Wash ( Body Wash) ⬜️

17. Toothbrush & Toothpaste & Mouthwash ⬜️

18. Cleanser ⬜️

19. Moisture Face Mask ⬜️

20. 2 Towels ⬜️

21. Nipple Pads ⬜️

22. 1 Large Packs Of Night Sanity Towels ⬜️

23. 1 Pack Of Disposable Knickers. ⬜️

24. 2x Comfy Nightwear ⬜️

25. 2x Comfy Outfit ⬜️

26. 2 Bikini Bottoms ⬜️

27. Bikini Top/ Comfy Bra. ⬜️

28. Dressing Gown/ Robe ⬜️

29. 2 Fluffy socks ⬜️

30. Anti-Histamine ⬜️

31. Perfume ⬜️

32. Basic Make-up Bag ( Foundation, Bronze, Eyebrow Powder& Brushes) ⬜️

33. Small Mirror ⬜️

34. Reading Book & Book Mark ⬜️

35. Money ( Change & Notes) ⬜️

36. Carry A Bags ( To Put Dirty’s In) ⬜️



Now of course every person list is going to be different.Its like I said above.  

 It’s down to how organised and prepared you like being, it’s down to whether you have a natural or Caesarian birth, as this can change the amount of days your on the ward for. It’s down to whether your high risk or low risk. whether you plan for what could happen or just take the necessary for your plan.

My plan is going off the fact that I haven’t had an easy pregnancy to say the least, I’m high risk and have prepared for staying in for about 2 days.

( Tip: If You Take Miniatures & Samples You Will Have A Lot More Room In Your Bag & You Can Keep Things Together Easier)

Some may be looking and thinking if I’ve cut down to the essentials why do I still have such a long list, well for myself anyway.
The first time I had people telling me;

   It doesn’t matter what you look like your in hospital. 

  You’ve just had a baby that stuff doesn’t matter.

  You’ve given birth I’m sure your mind will be on other things.

So I listened and I didn’t have much for myself, I took purely essentials; shampoo, conditioner, hair brush & toothbrush( & toothpaste) that was it.

The whole time I Was so I uncomfortable. even though I had showered I felt so dirty and groggy, I felt and looked mess.


The thing I wanted most was to feel human, to feel normal after what had just happened and I couldn’t do that. We all know how great we feel; after a shave we are mermaids, after we have a mask on our hair it feels brand new and we are on a herbal Essence advert, after a mask on our face we feel like we are radiant.

I want to sit and enjoy feeling fresh and clean. I wanted to be back to my normal self as quickly as possible.

So I could feel good and comfortable. So I could enjoy the happiness of becoming a mother. Instead I didn’t feel any different, I felt ill, dull and simply like a slob.

Yes of course I will stay happy about being a mother but the memory and feeling of being pregnant and giving birth was clinging to me like after eating garlic bread.

If like me you are particular, there is a way around taking your items without so many individual bags and packets. Meaning less rubbish to sort in hospital and less room taken up in your bag.

I actually didn’t have any freezer bags Only sandwich bags( far to small) so I Used polly pockets.

 I used one polly pocket for two items of the baby’s clothing. I then folded to create the divide and then just taped it shut.

This way it protects the babies clothes, they stay clean and safe from any contamination.

In hospital I can simply peel back the tape, get my item out and then secure the second item. Also I could reuse the bag and put a dirty item inside so my dirties are together (separate from the rest of your belongings). I’ll be taking a plastic carry a bag for myself and my larger items of clothing.
Good Luck, I Hope I’ve Helped A Little With Your Packing.

Miss Lawless. Xx