So i have been sent eyewake to test and review. I’m really looking forward to working with this product as i’ve been really struggling with my eyes. I do suffer with the good old mum bags but as well as this due to how bad my skin is and the effected area being my eyes included i have to be incredibly careful with what i use and so far iv’e only found products that have been way to harsh for me to use. So lets see if this one will be the same or not.


So firstly i’ll start with one of my favourite areas as always and that is the packaging, if your wondering why on earth I’m interested and like talking about packaging its because its a very important area that i believe can make or break the product, if you think about it as your wondering around the shops and looking for products you go over to the ones that catch your eye, you don’t go to the badly made, ugly or cheap looking products.

So I’m pretty sure they hit the nail on the head with simplicity. The classic beautiful white packaging with a very bold and simple black logo. It has got the lovely touch of changing from bold to thin through out which you don’t see very often. For me personally a black and white is a winner and its all about that look especially coming from 2017 it fits perfectly. The only thing that has ruined it for me is the tiny little detail of the label not been put on straight, not a big deal i know but for someone like me it definitely stood out to me and now i cant stop looking at it, so maybe as a tip they can pay more time and attention to labelling in future because it would be a shame to ruin such a good products look with something so little.

Now coming to the actual product, i think with it saying ‘collagen gel’ i expected the clear gel which it is however i didn’t expect it was be so thin and easy to apply. I had the idea of a thick stickier gel so i was pleasantly surprised. This made it really easy to apply meaning i could do this without adding a lot of pressure and this is important with it being for the eyes.

Instantly you can feel how soft and smooth the area is which has had the product applied. You can’t feel any lines or bumps it feels like its been pulled tight. Now with me having a few skin conditions and extremely sensitive i was very happy to see i didn’t feel any discomfort or stinging by the product at all. Extremely good start so far.

So i applied the product at night before bed and i’ve found that it has made a dramatic difference with my puffiness. Normally i cant see very well in the mornings until my eyes have settled as they are normally massively swollen but since i’ve been using the gel its only been a little. I’m extremely happy to be saying this right now ! I cant wait to carry on using it and sees if it can make anymore impacts and if / or it carry’s on working. Bright non puffy eyes for me from now on !!

Thank you for reading my new product review,

Miss Lawless xx


Living With A Skin Condition.

So many of you are probably reading this thinking what’s the big deal it’s only bad skin right?


It’s much more than that.

It’s dealing with constant pain, having something take a massive weight in your life that needs permanent time and attention. It’s something that takes over your identity and is very hard to look past. It’s something then weighs on your emotions and self esteem. It’s something that is always right there.

If your that someone reading this with a skin condition. Doesn’t matter which one. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. It’s apart of you, its apart of us. We just need to accept it and bloody own it!

As a society i feel like we have come very far for acceptance. We have evolved and changed the ways, even now still fighting for change to accept those things and changes which weren’t originally in our culture, weren’t our way of life or wasn’t around at all yet.

Yet here i am, unaccepted. Treated differently, stared and pointed at. People literally standing there giving you a disgusted look whilst talking about you to the next person with no care in the world like you don’t have feelings or you aren’t a person at all. People look at me like i have the plague and they are going to catch it any minute and thats all they can see. Its a HUGE deal to them so yes that makes it a bigger deal to me and if it is just ‘bad skin’ then why do i get treated like this, why has it always taken over so much of my life.

So typically like everything in my life the doctors aren’t 100% sure whats wrong with me, how or why i am like i am. They certainly have no idea what the cause is and have always failed at looking into it. But the closest we have gotten is for me to have Infection & Inflamed Eczema and Psoriasis and Dermatitis. I am COVERED in this and there is no hiding it. My face and neck are actually the worst sufferers and the most hardest to deal with. I’m almost permanently on antibiotics as any little thing will set it off. I can do my routine perfectly and do nothing wrong yet i will still find myself in the same positions and my skin ‘ flares up’ again. It’s one dreadful and dreaded cycle.

After years of my life I’ve finally got to the point where i know what i need to stay away from products wise ( 98% of them) and what i can use. It’s been a very long and hard journey but at least i can have a shower without crying. At least i can do every day things without being in too much pain and bleeding. Though unfortunately i do still find myself in hospital connected to IVs a lot more than i would like.

So for those who imagine it as bad skin, the way i describe it is imagine a VERY bad and deep graze, the stinging, the weeping and bleeding and the strain no the skin as its trying to heal. Well imagine these grazes covering your skin, patch after patch without any good skin in sight and no its not easy to heal, its rips and fails to heal. It then has to start again and of course takes a hell lot longer.

I know there are many skin conditions different from mine, so like others can never understand my pain i too wont exactly understand theres. Sometimes you don’t even know how you deal with the pain, how have you been able too for so long to say I’m used to it now, or this time is actually worse than others. But i think we would be on the same pain coming to the emotional trauma.

If you think about wanting to change something about yourself , your insecurity. But you can never hide it, isn’t just your personal preference or opinion to its everyones !

When my skins bad it takes it out on your health as well, it makes you feel run down, horribly sick, weak and sore. Its like a whole bomb hitting you at once. So your feeling low about yourself, Its been hitting your self esteem hard looking so horrible, everybody starting and pointing you out making you feel disgusting and worthless and then your weak as anything, your sick and tired and dull.

If you haven’t gotten to the point yet where you have good days then don’t loose hope, I’ve been through every sodding cream and tablet in that doctors book, I’ve been through every single doctor but now I’m finally at the point where i can make it last a couple of weeks, so don’t worry you’ll get there !

At the same time as I’m writing this though the more i want to say, stop crying over it, stop letting it defeat you. it’s your skin it’s apart of you and it’s who you are. You’re the strong person able to deal with this. Don’t let it stop you, don’t let it get in the way. Embrace it. We know we are human underneath and just like any of them, its about time people deal with it and get over it. It may be a problem in our lives but it still makes us stronger and makes us who we are.

It’s time to stop being embarrassed. It’s time we accepted ourselves and others accepted us.

Now I normally add photos to my blog’s however its safe to say this post touches a more personal matter. Now after nearly 22 years i can just about briefly write about it and a few days ago i put myself in front of a camera for the first time with a very small flare up and that was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do so I’m not ready to show yet, I’m not ready to put out there the complete horror. I think I’ve made more than enough steps for now and put enough of a foot down to be proud of myself

Thank you for listening to me, one day i will create a movement and make a change.

Miss Lawless xx

Sudocrem. From Tub To Tube.

So i kindly got sent this adorable tube of Sudocrem and have been asked to blog my thoughts.
Straight away i could see what they were aiming for and as well why they have done it.

we all know as we were growing up Sudocrem was always our parents answer. sore bum ? put Sudocrem on it. cut yourself ? put Sudocrem on it, got a graze? put Sudocrem on it.
this carry’s on through adulthood too.
Got a spot?put Sudocrem on it, celebrities are even starting to use it for face masks and in there skin routines.


So you can see that they have already conquered the multi category field, however it isn’t the usual product to admit using. theres no doubt about the fact that its main use is nappy cream for children. all you ever see is mums and dads taking around there pots of Sudocrem, having big pots of it in the bathroom or nursery ready. i will point out here you can never mistake it for anything else, its packaging is extremely well known but this lets it down for the fact that you don’t want to see a grown person casually sat there with a huge pot of Sudocrem, your going to question why. for this reason i think this extra packaging is genius.


Same amazing product but in brand new packaging for adults, the tube fits into the make-up or health product style, its easier and less messy to use. Its plastic again so you don’t have to worry about it going everywhere. you don’t instantly think about babies bums you stay on the topic of spots or your cuts. the size is super cute and fits into your handbag perfectly and somehow it stays recognizable for its logo so no need for a load more of advertising.

for me the packaging itself and the idea to remark the appearance for adults is a big thumbs up.

Miss Lawless xx

Becoming A Parent

Sorry Its Late ! … But As You Probably Know If You Are Reading This, Life Has Been Extremely Hard & Hectic At The Moment.

There’s a well known saying “your life doesn’t really begin until you have children “

If you aren’t a parent you don’t get this, as people without children can still have such incredible and successful lives so let me explain.

When you become a mummy or a daddy your whole life is spun & turned completely upside down and it will never be the same again. It wasn’t that you didn’t have a life before it’s the fact that it won’t be the same again, it’s that everything that was important to you before doesn’t seem quite so important anymore. Things you never gave a second thought to before all of a sudden start to matter more.

Even decisions you’ve made all your life ;

Which foods you like and dislike

What kind of clothes you like to wear and in which style

What kind of people you want to be around

What kind of person you are

What films you enjoy

What lifestyle you live

Your life now isn’t your own. It’s your family’s. Your babies are THE ( well should be) THE most important things. They come first and it’s about giving them the best possible life, it’s about raising them, looking after them, doing absolutely everything for them to your best abilities. Your life is now complete. Your life as a parent starts here, you have the most precious gift, what’s about to come will make you love like you’ve never felt, never heard or understood before. It will make you feel like nothing you could even describe. It will teach you what happiness really means.

At the same time before you have you’re baby you have to do the utter most incredible thing and make them.

Some girls have it easy and others don’t, it is just the way it is but all will have changes.

During pregnancy you will have cravings no matter how big or small, how weird or new. You will want to throw up at the sight and smell of once your favourite meal and you will find yourself enjoying foods you could never stand before, this doesn’t go back to normal once the baby is here.

Now I don’t know if this works in more ways than one but I for one have definitely found myself extremely more girly and softer than before, this comes across in the way I’m now looking at clothes and accessories. The way how I want to enjoy a pamper and not just because I need one.

And most of all how much I do let my babies get away with. ( I was always brilliant with children, I would be fun but fair so I never thought I would be that parent that caves). This comes to what kind of person I am as well as I’m still me, I’m the true me but I am quiet incredibly softer especially to my babies and partner, at the same time I don’t know how but there’s even more fire sat waiting for If and when I will need to defend my babies. Of course the happiness factor has blown it all out of the park.

Now coming to films that may seem weird but put it this way, when your not a parent your not going to feel the same towards a child in trouble or harm than if you were, you just can’t help it. I find that I really can’t watch films where any child gets harmed or dies or kidnapped nothing. I’m generally a wuss.

If we all know the series shooter I literally made my boyfriend wait for the next season to come out before watching the final episodes of the first one just so I wasn’t left upset over the cliffhanger ! I know I know it’s shocking!. Laugh now but I know I’m not the only one that is now extra sensitive and seems to relate everything to my babies.

Now I believe these last two can fit into one and seems to be a HUGE factor for people from what I have seen, These being your friends or what kind of people you want to be around and lifestyle.

During pregnancy and the start of when your incredible baby has arrived it’s a massive test of what people actually stay around. Which ones care enough, understand enough. Which ones are true and which were actually just using you. This seems to hit people pretty hard but after you have the ones you need. There’s no room for drama in a happy life I’m afraid.

Lifestyle is more of a main one for me personally. This will be explained properly in another post but for this I can say I’m more interested in being the very best I can be, making life the very best. Making a life good enough for my child and a life they deserve. I mean what else could be more important than your family. If you could change and make such a difference for them then why wouldn’t you.

So as you can see and may already know as much as having a baby a is a big change anyway and a permanent one there’s actually so many more factors to it. There’s sacrifices which I’ll talk about in the future, these could be easy or horrifically hard. But we do this because we love them. Looking at them just makes them worth it. Then there’s the ones that just have to happen and will happen without any control. It’s all apart of it.

At the end of the day as I’m sure every single parent will tell you it’s all 100% worth it, you would never change a thing. As much as people say how hard and life ruining it is. It seriously isn’t. It’s not as hard as people make out, it’s more just mental stress and being over tired (nothing your partner doesn’t do to you). Everyone says your not going to be a good parent or you don’t deserve a baby, don’t listen. You WILL be the best mummy or daddy. Believe in yourself! Take it from me & many many others the baby industry is so strict, but you as a parent. TRUST YOURSELF. You are right and you know your own child better than anyone else !

Enjoy every minute & don’t miss a second.

Miss Lawless xxx

Is Coffee The Next Best Face & Body Scrub ?!

I Think So. Ever Heard Of Dazzy Coffee Scrub?

So I received the Coffee & Citrus scrub to try and review.
I have to admit I was a bit unsure on how this was going to go but it definitely looked like it would be fun & probably messy.

As soon as I opened my Product my first thought was how much I actually like the packaging. It’s simple and practical. If I think of a sachet of fair trade Coffee I would picture it just like this. It’s fits perfectly.

Of course with having such particular skin like mine I turned it over and went straight to ingredients & instructions.

It’s a natural product, no preservatives and is certified quality. We should be safe then.
Ingredients include;
coffee, brown sugar, sea salt, cold pressed almond oil, virgin coconut oil, vitamin E and “ other miracle ingredients “.
So looking at these there shouldn’t be anything that would harm my eczema or psoriasis.

Let’s see what benefits I’m going to get by funnily enough covering myself in coffee. Dazzy clears your skin of impurities, nourishes and hydrates, makes it softer and has beneficial effects on acne, tetter, cellulite, stretch marks and small veins.

After Reading This I Can’t Wait !

So after a little fun with my lip plump & the coffee I get down to business.

Opening the packet, I don’t know why but it’s not quite what I had imagined, The Product looked more like compost I guess I was expecting bigger chunks as if it was coffee or maybe even just crushed beans. But then when you feel it, you can tell straight away.

The smell! Now for someone who doesn’t drink coffee and hates making people coffee because of the smell I was seriously surprised ! It’s smells so yummy & fresh, imagine buying an expensive, posh boxes of chocolates, yep that’s the smell such a lovely perk to the Product.

Okay so the instructions say.. “ Get Wet, rub a large handful of Scrub in a circular massage motion, focusing on problem areas.” ( face too) “ let the scrub dry for 5 minutes, then wash it off with water”

Unexpectedly that was actually no where near as messy as I thought! The scrub stuck really well to my body and the little bit left in the bath washed away with absolute ease. Another bonus !!

So now I’m all covered in coffee. It’s safe to say though I’m completely enjoying this. You can feel the coffee drying on your skin but there’s no stinging or burning what so ever. Which for people like me with my skin is usually like every single product you try.

So it’s time to wash it off and see the results!!

All I can say is W O W !!!

As the saying goes, my skin is left feeling smoother than a babies bottom! Like I was in shock, how can someone with skin as dry as mine go from that to such silky smooth face in just 5 Minutes !

If you feel the coffee is rough and bumpy, sticks to the water it doesn’t feel like there’s any liquid there or lotion involved yet after … it feels like you’re I’ve been lubracted !

Imagine those days where you get to put a brand new gel head onto your razor.. this is the silkyness level I’m talking about !

Impressed isn’t even the word ! Like, Have me and coffee just became friends ? There was only one thing for it

That’s right ! I shared my experience with my bump !!

Baby mums, pregnant ladies this was most definitely the right Decision!!

It feels so nice, so so soft and smooth. I wish I’d had this right the way through!

It’s safe to say I’m definitely going to be covering myself in coffee from now on.

If your interested in trying out for yourself you can

Get yours here -> www.dazzybody.com



Miss Lawless Xx

My Hospital Bag CheckList ✔️


Such an exciting time ahead! I’m guessing not long now, CONGRATULATIONS.

Your hospital bag is your final bit of preparation, though don’t listen when it comes to “don’t do it till 38-40 weeks” . If you feel more comfortable having it ready then do so! I’m at 32 weeks and good to go. Of course if you don’t feel the need then there’s nothing wrong with waiting either.

 Are you nesting and calm? Enjoying the final stages before you see your greatest achievement?

Or are you panicking, organising everything and wanting the wait to be over?.

Everybody’s experience if different, each one of us is different and each of our babies will be. There is no right and wrong, just personal opinions.

It’s safe to say I’m the well over prepared one, the one who has everything possible sorted, long before needed. It makes me feel more comfortable and helps me relax. It’s not a case of waiting about for me.

Yes I’m impatient, I cant help it.

That’s also why for my first pregnancy, I ended up taking a handheld/ carry on suitcase full to the brim and bags on top of that. I sat there and thought out every single thing that could go wrong in my head and made sure I had what I needed incase it happened. Safe to say I think I made life harder for myself.

This time round I’ve downsized SO much!

It’s actually hard for me when I know how little I’m taking and it’s ( for me ) risky. But at least this time I’ve got experience on my side. So I’ve thought about what I didn’t take last time and what I took but not enough of, I thought about all the extra things I had to carry around for no reason. ( There was an awful lot of back and to trips)

And this is how I Came up with my list below; ( feel free to use)

My Hospital Check List:  


1. Baby Carrier / Car Seat ⬜️

2. 2 Blankets ⬜️

3. Snowsuit/ Pram suit. ⬜️

4. Four Sleep Suits ⬜️

5. 3 Mittens ⬜️

6. 2 Hat ⬜️

7. 2 Vets ⬜️

8. A Pair Of Socks ⬜️

9. Coming Home Outfit ⬜️

10. First Milk, Ready To Feed Boxes x2 Boxes ( Last 48 hrs). ⬜️

11. 4 Dummies ( 2 of Each Shape) ⬜️

12. Comforter ⬜️

13. 5 Muslin Squares ⬜️

14. One Packet Of Size 1 Nappies ⬜️

15. 2 Packets Of Wet Wipes ⬜️

16. Handful Of Nappy Sacks ⬜️

17. Bepanthen ( Nappy Cream) ⬜️


1. Medical Notes ⬜️

2. Phone Charger ⬜️

3. Drinks ( During & After) ⬜️

4. Snacks For Afterwards ⬜️

5. Vaseline or EOS ( Lip balm) ⬜️

6. Labour Socks ⬜️

7. Labour Outfit ⬜️

8. Hair Bobbles & Hair Gripes ⬜️

9. Hair Brush ⬜️

10. Fan ⬜️

11. 2 Packs Of Tissues ⬜️

12. Moisture Mist ( Cooling Spray) ⬜️

13. Deodorant ⬜️

14. Shampoo ⬜️

15. Hair Mask ⬜️

16. Body Lufra & hibiscus Wash ( Body Wash) ⬜️

17. Toothbrush & Toothpaste & Mouthwash ⬜️

18. Cleanser ⬜️

19. Moisture Face Mask ⬜️

20. 2 Towels ⬜️

21. Nipple Pads ⬜️

22. 1 Large Packs Of Night Sanity Towels ⬜️

23. 1 Pack Of Disposable Knickers. ⬜️

24. 2x Comfy Nightwear ⬜️

25. 2x Comfy Outfit ⬜️

26. 2 Bikini Bottoms ⬜️

27. Bikini Top/ Comfy Bra. ⬜️

28. Dressing Gown/ Robe ⬜️

29. 2 Fluffy socks ⬜️

30. Anti-Histamine ⬜️

31. Perfume ⬜️

32. Basic Make-up Bag ( Foundation, Bronze, Eyebrow Powder& Brushes) ⬜️

33. Small Mirror ⬜️

34. Reading Book & Book Mark ⬜️

35. Money ( Change & Notes) ⬜️

36. Carry A Bags ( To Put Dirty’s In) ⬜️



Now of course every person list is going to be different.Its like I said above.  

 It’s down to how organised and prepared you like being, it’s down to whether you have a natural or Caesarian birth, as this can change the amount of days your on the ward for. It’s down to whether your high risk or low risk. whether you plan for what could happen or just take the necessary for your plan.

My plan is going off the fact that I haven’t had an easy pregnancy to say the least, I’m high risk and have prepared for staying in for about 2 days.

( Tip: If You Take Miniatures & Samples You Will Have A Lot More Room In Your Bag & You Can Keep Things Together Easier)

Some may be looking and thinking if I’ve cut down to the essentials why do I still have such a long list, well for myself anyway.
The first time I had people telling me;

   It doesn’t matter what you look like your in hospital. 

  You’ve just had a baby that stuff doesn’t matter.

  You’ve given birth I’m sure your mind will be on other things.

So I listened and I didn’t have much for myself, I took purely essentials; shampoo, conditioner, hair brush & toothbrush( & toothpaste) that was it.

The whole time I Was so I uncomfortable. even though I had showered I felt so dirty and groggy, I felt and looked mess.


The thing I wanted most was to feel human, to feel normal after what had just happened and I couldn’t do that. We all know how great we feel; after a shave we are mermaids, after we have a mask on our hair it feels brand new and we are on a herbal Essence advert, after a mask on our face we feel like we are radiant.

I want to sit and enjoy feeling fresh and clean. I wanted to be back to my normal self as quickly as possible.

So I could feel good and comfortable. So I could enjoy the happiness of becoming a mother. Instead I didn’t feel any different, I felt ill, dull and simply like a slob.

Yes of course I will stay happy about being a mother but the memory and feeling of being pregnant and giving birth was clinging to me like after eating garlic bread.

If like me you are particular, there is a way around taking your items without so many individual bags and packets. Meaning less rubbish to sort in hospital and less room taken up in your bag.

I actually didn’t have any freezer bags Only sandwich bags( far to small) so I Used polly pockets.

 I used one polly pocket for two items of the baby’s clothing. I then folded to create the divide and then just taped it shut.

This way it protects the babies clothes, they stay clean and safe from any contamination.

In hospital I can simply peel back the tape, get my item out and then secure the second item. Also I could reuse the bag and put a dirty item inside so my dirties are together (separate from the rest of your belongings). I’ll be taking a plastic carry a bag for myself and my larger items of clothing.
Good Luck, I Hope I’ve Helped A Little With Your Packing.

Miss Lawless. Xx

This Girl Is Strictly Salon Products Only!!



For 20 years the-Hair-wash-day was nothing but a day of dread. I would have to clear hours off my schedule just to do the simple and necessary act. My Procedure Was Standard Like Many; Dampen the hair, wash the hair with store-bought shampoo. rinse throughly and then soak for the rest of the duration in store-bought conditioner. (  I had to be EXTREMELY GENEROUSLY when using my conditioner. Believe me)

Two minutes after the shower there would be would be a birds nest on top of my head.  There is NO Exaggeration. . It would truly be a tightly-wound and HUGE knot, before I could even get dressed. My hair would already have completely dry patches. The face looking back at me in the mirror would say it all.

Here We Go Again .. Let’s Get It Over & Done With. Why Can’t I Just Have Normal Hair” 

Doing my hair was a Complete work out, my arms would throb, my back would spasm. My scalp would have turned fifty shades of red. I would of lost a full bathroom Bin worth of hair( LITERALLY). The dandruff was out of hand and all over my head, I even had built up patches that had wept. It was just too unbearable to carry on.

Within two days of absolute pamper, I would be back to square one. It would take a good 2-3 hours just to get a Brush through my messy mop. Even if I had managed to get all of the dreads out it would of looked like I had been dragged though a hedge backwards thanks to the natural waves and kinks reacting to the brushing. Good old friction.

Don’t even get me started on what happened if I tried to constrain it with a bobble. Or sleep. GAME OVER

In all honesty I actually have no idea how I managed it for all them years.

IMG_0106But Then I Crossed Paths With These Amazing Hair Masks, For Me it’s Been A a Complete Hair Transformation!






( After Shampooing, Apply To Your Scalp, Massage In, Leave For 5 Minutes Then Rinse.)



From the very first wash I felt the full-frontal salon effects; My hair was healthier, shinier and for a FULL MONTH my usual sweep of dandruff was no where to be seen. It really felt like my Scalp was breathing for the first time, it was so fresh and clean.

Brushing my hair was no a manageable task. There was a considerable decrease in knots which meant very useful increase of time for me, especially considering I had to run back to my daughter who made it a rushed and panicked experience.

whats more, I was no longer in pain, sitting on the floor for hours trying to get a Brush through a haystack, my scalp was no longer a mess and suffering more and more with every stroke.

Now, it takes a couple of minutes to brush. That’s it.

I no longer have to wait the horror of hair-wash day. It is no longer a chore, but an enjoyable luxury, pampering process.





(After Shampooing. Work Evenly Into Wet Hair With Your Fingertips, Paying Special attention To Your Ends & Damaged Areas. Leave in For ten minutes, Rinse Throughly)


The Nu mask has solved & saved me from going bald before I hit 30. NO MORE FILLING UP BINS !

Now, it’s simply less than a brush full after each wash and brush. ( I’ve also stopped finding hair on my furniture and clothes as if I was moulting).

Its moisturising properties meant that I was no longer finding dry patches in my hair, or my scalp. I can now take a day off washing it without the fear of the dreads coming back or being seen.

Im so thankful to have finally discovered products that work. I can now feel happy about washing my hair and don’t dread getting ready for nights out.

Finally I Feel Like I Have Normal Hair. 

. ( To Buy This Mask Direct Message Me Via Instagram  or Email)






For the best effects , Use both the matching shampoo and conditioner. It really does make a difference, avoiding drugstore shampoo that dry your hair out with every usage. I’m hair happy after every wash and not having to grit my teeth until the next salon appointment.





Its mad how I was struggling for so many years, trying Product after Product and getting no where, then something so simple as offering to be Lucy Quaye’s model ( my personal hairdresser) at Terence & Paul Knutsford has now bought me to where I am today.

Everyone always says how bleaching your hair is the worst thing you can do,

“It Will Dry Your Hair Out ”    ” It Will Ruin Your Hair.” “Bleach Is So Damaging”  

Yet after Lucy bleached my hair, giving me this gorgeous ombré, I now have shiny strong healthy hair. It’s The Best It’s Ever Been !

Lucy’s Process:

– after bleaching my hair she took me over to the washing Station where she began to rinse & wash my hair with System Professional shampoo.
– Then, she used a Toner, leaving it on for a few minutes.
– Next, she rinsed out the Toner before using the Scalp mask shown above.

When I sat back in the chair, ready for my trim, I was overjoyed to see that she didn’t have any trouble whatsoever getting the brush and comb through.




This is when I knew what I had to do. Just like that. All of a sudden this started from one great experience and right there I began to regain hope. I was going to start trying These salon Products instead.


Are you sick of your Salon hair only lasting a week? Then get buying salon products from you ur hairdresser instead. Your Paying money to get the style, colour and feel you want. Then paying for your drugstore shampoos just to dry it out, Ruin and fade the colour.


This Is Why I Am Now A Strictly Salon Product Only Girl !

Thank You For Reading My FIRST EVER Blog Post. I Hope You Have Enjoyed It !
For Those Who Were Struggling Like Me, I Hope My Experience Can Now Help You Too.

Miss Lawless XX