So i have been sent eyewake to test and review. I’m really looking forward to working with this product as i’ve been really struggling with my eyes. I do suffer with the good old mum bags but as well as this due to how bad my skin is and the effected area being my eyes included i have to be incredibly careful with what i use and so far iv’e only found products that have been way to harsh for me to use. So lets see if this one will be the same or not.


So firstly i’ll start with one of my favourite areas as always and that is the packaging, if your wondering why on earth I’m interested and like talking about packaging its because its a very important area that i believe can make or break the product, if you think about it as your wondering around the shops and looking for products you go over to the ones that catch your eye, you don’t go to the badly made, ugly or cheap looking products.

So I’m pretty sure they hit the nail on the head with simplicity. The classic beautiful white packaging with a very bold and simple black logo. It has got the lovely touch of changing from bold to thin through out which you don’t see very often. For me personally a black and white is a winner and its all about that look especially coming from 2017 it fits perfectly. The only thing that has ruined it for me is the tiny little detail of the label not been put on straight, not a big deal i know but for someone like me it definitely stood out to me and now i cant stop looking at it, so maybe as a tip they can pay more time and attention to labelling in future because it would be a shame to ruin such a good products look with something so little.

Now coming to the actual product, i think with it saying ‘collagen gel’ i expected the clear gel which it is however i didn’t expect it was be so thin and easy to apply. I had the idea of a thick stickier gel so i was pleasantly surprised. This made it really easy to apply meaning i could do this without adding a lot of pressure and this is important with it being for the eyes.

Instantly you can feel how soft and smooth the area is which has had the product applied. You can’t feel any lines or bumps it feels like its been pulled tight. Now with me having a few skin conditions and extremely sensitive i was very happy to see i didn’t feel any discomfort or stinging by the product at all. Extremely good start so far.

So i applied the product at night before bed and i’ve found that it has made a dramatic difference with my puffiness. Normally i cant see very well in the mornings until my eyes have settled as they are normally massively swollen but since i’ve been using the gel its only been a little. I’m extremely happy to be saying this right now ! I cant wait to carry on using it and sees if it can make anymore impacts and if / or it carry’s on working. Bright non puffy eyes for me from now on !!

Thank you for reading my new product review,

Miss Lawless xx


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