Sudocrem. From Tub To Tube.

So i kindly got sent this adorable tube of Sudocrem and have been asked to blog my thoughts.
Straight away i could see what they were aiming for and as well why they have done it.

we all know as we were growing up Sudocrem was always our parents answer. sore bum ? put Sudocrem on it. cut yourself ? put Sudocrem on it, got a graze? put Sudocrem on it.
this carry’s on through adulthood too.
Got a spot?put Sudocrem on it, celebrities are even starting to use it for face masks and in there skin routines.


So you can see that they have already conquered the multi category field, however it isn’t the usual product to admit using. theres no doubt about the fact that its main use is nappy cream for children. all you ever see is mums and dads taking around there pots of Sudocrem, having big pots of it in the bathroom or nursery ready. i will point out here you can never mistake it for anything else, its packaging is extremely well known but this lets it down for the fact that you don’t want to see a grown person casually sat there with a huge pot of Sudocrem, your going to question why. for this reason i think this extra packaging is genius.


Same amazing product but in brand new packaging for adults, the tube fits into the make-up or health product style, its easier and less messy to use. Its plastic again so you don’t have to worry about it going everywhere. you don’t instantly think about babies bums you stay on the topic of spots or your cuts. the size is super cute and fits into your handbag perfectly and somehow it stays recognizable for its logo so no need for a load more of advertising.

for me the packaging itself and the idea to remark the appearance for adults is a big thumbs up.

Miss Lawless xx


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