Is Coffee The Next Best Face & Body Scrub ?!

I Think So. Ever Heard Of Dazzy Coffee Scrub?

So I received the Coffee & Citrus scrub to try and review.
I have to admit I was a bit unsure on how this was going to go but it definitely looked like it would be fun & probably messy.

As soon as I opened my Product my first thought was how much I actually like the packaging. It’s simple and practical. If I think of a sachet of fair trade Coffee I would picture it just like this. It’s fits perfectly.

Of course with having such particular skin like mine I turned it over and went straight to ingredients & instructions.

It’s a natural product, no preservatives and is certified quality. We should be safe then.
Ingredients include;
coffee, brown sugar, sea salt, cold pressed almond oil, virgin coconut oil, vitamin E and “ other miracle ingredients “.
So looking at these there shouldn’t be anything that would harm my eczema or psoriasis.

Let’s see what benefits I’m going to get by funnily enough covering myself in coffee. Dazzy clears your skin of impurities, nourishes and hydrates, makes it softer and has beneficial effects on acne, tetter, cellulite, stretch marks and small veins.

After Reading This I Can’t Wait !

So after a little fun with my lip plump & the coffee I get down to business.

Opening the packet, I don’t know why but it’s not quite what I had imagined, The Product looked more like compost I guess I was expecting bigger chunks as if it was coffee or maybe even just crushed beans. But then when you feel it, you can tell straight away.

The smell! Now for someone who doesn’t drink coffee and hates making people coffee because of the smell I was seriously surprised ! It’s smells so yummy & fresh, imagine buying an expensive, posh boxes of chocolates, yep that’s the smell such a lovely perk to the Product.

Okay so the instructions say.. “ Get Wet, rub a large handful of Scrub in a circular massage motion, focusing on problem areas.” ( face too) “ let the scrub dry for 5 minutes, then wash it off with water”

Unexpectedly that was actually no where near as messy as I thought! The scrub stuck really well to my body and the little bit left in the bath washed away with absolute ease. Another bonus !!

So now I’m all covered in coffee. It’s safe to say though I’m completely enjoying this. You can feel the coffee drying on your skin but there’s no stinging or burning what so ever. Which for people like me with my skin is usually like every single product you try.

So it’s time to wash it off and see the results!!

All I can say is W O W !!!

As the saying goes, my skin is left feeling smoother than a babies bottom! Like I was in shock, how can someone with skin as dry as mine go from that to such silky smooth face in just 5 Minutes !

If you feel the coffee is rough and bumpy, sticks to the water it doesn’t feel like there’s any liquid there or lotion involved yet after … it feels like you’re I’ve been lubracted !

Imagine those days where you get to put a brand new gel head onto your razor.. this is the silkyness level I’m talking about !

Impressed isn’t even the word ! Like, Have me and coffee just became friends ? There was only one thing for it

That’s right ! I shared my experience with my bump !!

Baby mums, pregnant ladies this was most definitely the right Decision!!

It feels so nice, so so soft and smooth. I wish I’d had this right the way through!

It’s safe to say I’m definitely going to be covering myself in coffee from now on.

If your interested in trying out for yourself you can

Get yours here ->



Miss Lawless Xx


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